Event Booking Terms


Our events happen outdoors, in the UK. We do not issue refunds (we are in this together come rain or shine). The Event will go ahead in weather which you may consider inclement (hurricanes aside!). So please check the weather forecast beforehand, and prepare to bring warm clothes and waterproofs if needed.

Uneven Ground & Low Light

Whilst the spaces we use are all usually in general public use and located within a short walk from the public highway, nevertheless the ground will be uneven in parts and light levels will be low, especially after sunset.  Most areas - and especially those leading to and from the venue from the public highways – will be unlit by any artificial light.

Audiences accept the risk of moving around on uneven ground, and in low light conditions, and agree to prepare accordingly. All attendees should take care, and wear sturdy footwear when moving around (including no high heels!), and all must bring a torch to provide a light source which enables them to independently navigate around the venue and to get to and from it, in the dark. Sunset Cinema Club accept no responsibility for people moving over uneven ground or in low light and darkness. Audiences should also limit their consumption of alcohol which can impair their ability to do this.


When audiences attend an event, they may be included in photographs and video recordings. For instance, Sunset Cinema Club often post pictures and short videos to social media and websites to show people attending our events to demonstrate to others what to expect and to generally promote our work.

In order for us to do that, by participating in an event you consent to being photographed and/or to be included in filming at that Event (including sound recordings and moving picture recording of the Event). You also consent for Sunset Cinema Club to use images and recordings which include you in any and all media, in perpetuity without the need for further approval. 

If you would prefer not to be included in photography and video, please email seats@sunsetcinemaclub.co.uk, await our response, and present yourself to Louise Darby when you arrive at the event.

Personal Property

Sunset Cinema Club accepts no responsibility for the loss of, theft, or damage during an event to any property owned by anyone attending, or under their control.


Unless you have booked a special seat (sometimes available at locations), we do not provide chairs.  So rock up with your camping chair, cushions, pillows, sleeping bags and blankets.


Please send queries to seats@sunsetcinemaclub.co.uk and we will post common questions and replies here. 

(We have not had any new ones yet!)